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Should I be disturbed? Because I sort of AM...  
05:43am 09/11/2006
So I've had some free time recently, and during that free time I was surfing around on this website. I discovered something just a little bit... weird.

I personally don't see the use in doing anything with your profile. But a certain amount of people are apparently 'interested' in me. Namely, Axel, Sora, Riku, Hayner and that annoying fairy. I don't know whether to be flattered or freaked out... I guess it's okay that they're mostly friends, but... it's the fact that I'm listed as an 'interest'. Like I'm a hobby or something. I'm just thankful I wasn't listed in Xemnas' interests. *phew*
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Been awhile...  
01:14am 30/10/2006
Gee, I guess I've got some explaining to do. Where to start...

Hm. I guess it was then. I ran out from under Sora's nose for reasons I won't delve into here and found a place to be alone for awhile. The place was not unlike The Underworld, but it served it's purpose.

Apparently just trying to be left alone is a crime, somehow u_u Because the police found me and started demanding to know stuff, like where I lived, who are my parents. I couldn't just tell them the truth, so I refused to say anything. So they confiscated all my stuff and threw me in jail... with full grown men. >:| Not a pleasant experience. Not one I'd like to go through again, anyhow.

So, I managed to escape... details unnecessary. >:) Decided to, y'know, actually have a game plan. Cuz I wouldn't just go crawling back to Sora, and still won't. To keep the cops off my trail, I've been finding abandoned buildings to sleep in at night. Although lately I've had enough money to actually stay at an inn once in awhile.

I've been able to get back what I'd lost to the cops and maintain a steady income, so I don't have to dig in the trash to eat (did for a short while, there) by getting a job at this little downtown coffee shop. I don't earn a lot because I just bus tables and do dishes, but I finally saved up enough to get another palm pilot. Kind of why I can post here at all.

Tell the truth, I kind of think I only got the job because of how pitiful I looked... I mean, it's not like I have positive ID or anything. I might've had a student ID from when I lived in Twilight Town, but the cops took care of that.

Well, anyway... I just wanted to update. I'm not asking for anyone's help. That means you, Sora. .... And Xemnas. I'm totally fine on my own.
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04:38pm 05/08/2006
I've been doing some thinking.

Shut up, I know.

Anyway, I've been really wondering about Sora's parents. What kind of parents just accept their child disappearing all of a sudden off the face of their entire world??

I probably need to ask him about that... it just seems really odd to me, and I was sort of wondering if anyone else has had similar thoughts?

Riku, how do your parents deal with you coming missing?

I don't really have parents so I can't relate, well... Sora said I had a foster mother in Twilight Town, but I don't think that counts. She might not even remember me.
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01:33am 03/08/2006
Well... Sora and Riku came to my rescue, but that's old news... I've spent the past few days with them... well, Riku left to go somewhere. He was really vague about it. So then it was down to Sora and I.

This might sound a little strange, considering the things about him I've said here before, but I think I might finally be getting used to him. He's continuously sticking his neck out for me, which makes it generally difficult for me to hate him.

I really appreciate all he's done. I just can't.. think of a proper way to... show my thanks to him. He's even helped me recover some of my memories.

I know a lot of the people that read this are worried about me remembering. I guess... all I need is time. Just... enough time.
mood: kind of confusedkind of confused
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Nice puppy...  
06:33pm 30/07/2006
So today was fun. Oh, yeah!

I got chased down by a giant three-headed dog! It nearly chewed my head off! That just sounds like oodles of fun, doesn't it??

Despite the fact that I managed to fend it off with my keyblades, I am now seriously fearing for my life. I'd even accept help from that nasty pedophile at this point, if I could just get out of here!
mood: terrifiedterrified
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Which way to go?  
08:03pm 28/07/2006
If I thought I was confused a few days ago, now I'm hopelessly lost. I've got so many people claiming to know me and no idea where to go to get my memory back. I thought Sora had it, but I forgot that before I moved in, his head was completely empty.

So now on the one hand this Xemnas guy who claimed that I used to live with him is offering to help me get my memory back if I go back to him, but I'm pretty sure he's just a pedophile trying to lure me into his trap.

And on the other hand Riku is offering for me to help him, and I remember him because of some residual Sora-memories I managed to keep, so I know he's a decent guy (if not a bit of a prick occasionally), but I don't know if he would have any idea how to help get my memory back anyway.

I just don't know who to trust. I'm starting to think seperating from Sora actually was a bad idea. At least then I was whole...

Gah, what am I thinking!? Get a hold of yourself, Roxas!!

I just wish I knew what to do... and I haven't eaten anything decent in a while... I still don't know where I am... but I'm cold.. and alone...

Well I have to bundle up to avoid hypothermia now.
mood: things look bleak..things look bleak..
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Somebody SAVE me!  
10:10pm 27/07/2006
Sora has a journal. He found me. He's gonna come looking for me. I have to hide. I have to keep my freedom!!

Not to mention the fact that I apparently remember nothing at all but Sora, which is very, very... BAD. I had a life before him! And now he's all I can remember!

Maybe... maybe... he still has my memories. SORA, GIVE ME BACK MY MEMORIES!

Crap! I can't go find him, he'll try to suck me back thru his nose or something...

*huddles in a corner* Help mee.... somebody heeelp me....
mood: scaredscared
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Freedom, freedom...  
06:48pm 26/07/2006
I don't know how I did it... but I managed to escape from Sora's head. I couldn't handle listening to him constantly go on about all that goody-goody stuff! I mean, I'm not bad or anything but Sora's got some serious issues. One day, despite his cavorting with his friends, all he thought about was peanut butter. All these distractions and it kept coming back to, "A peanut butter and jelly sandwich would be nice right now!" I can understand if you've got a problem and you can't get it out of your head, but peanut butter??

So I ditched him. The only problem is... I have no idea where I am now. My head feels kind of funny, too. Okay, I don't care if separating from him was a bad idea, I had my sanity to think of!

So maybe keeping a journal will help me keep my thoughts in order. It helped Sora with his little cricket-guy, anyway...
mood: jubilantjubilant
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