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Nice puppy...  
06:33pm 30/07/2006
So today was fun. Oh, yeah!

I got chased down by a giant three-headed dog! It nearly chewed my head off! That just sounds like oodles of fun, doesn't it??

Despite the fact that I managed to fend it off with my keyblades, I am now seriously fearing for my life. I'd even accept help from that nasty pedophile at this point, if I could just get out of here!
mood: terrifiedterrified
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Found you!
12:42am 31/07/2006 (UTC)
Sora: smile
I know where you are!!!
Don't worry Roxas! I'll come save you! *hearts!*
I'm on my way right now! okie?
picword: smile
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Re: Found you!
01:18am 31/07/2006 (UTC)
im_ur_nobody: lights
Y-you are? You're coming for me? This is bad! No wait... this is.. wait. I don't know! Just get me out of here!!
picword: lights
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(no subject)
03:17am 31/07/2006 (UTC)
You're in the underworld.

I'll dispatch Axel to get you back here. Though in the meantime, if you see a strange blue man with fire for hair, stay far away. Or beat his face in with a Keyblade. Whichever.
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