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04:38pm 05/08/2006
I've been doing some thinking.

Shut up, I know.

Anyway, I've been really wondering about Sora's parents. What kind of parents just accept their child disappearing all of a sudden off the face of their entire world??

I probably need to ask him about that... it just seems really odd to me, and I was sort of wondering if anyone else has had similar thoughts?

Riku, how do your parents deal with you coming missing?

I don't really have parents so I can't relate, well... Sora said I had a foster mother in Twilight Town, but I don't think that counts. She might not even remember me.
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03:27am 06/08/2006 (UTC)
Namine rewired the memories of everyone on Destiny Islands. They didn't know there was such a person as a 'Sora'. Riku, on the other hand, I can't answer.
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09:58am 06/08/2006 (UTC)
Riku: Reality and Fantasy

Well, no one remembers what happened the first time 'round (which is great for me, really), so I only had to explain away a year, give or take a few months.

What I did was I told them that Sora and I (remember, Kairi was at home- couldn't include her. Yet) had taken our raft and set sail (keep in mind that I didn't know that everyone had forgotten Sora at this point). Then I told them that we had come across a storm (fairly common, if you travel far enough away from the main island) and been stranded on a small deserted island (cliche, I know, but they bought it).

From there, we managed to survive on berries and the little bit of food that we had brought, as well as fish. A few weeks in, a foreign ship had landed, found us, and took us with them. We couldn't understand what they said, not at first, anyway. They set sail and landed in a very odd-looking port, and we followed along. A couple of months down the road, we knew the language and had been sold as "exotic slaves," and been separated, of course.

Sora was freed (don't know how, didn't bother to ask) and set out to look for us; meanwhile, my "master," Maleficent, sold me to a guy named Ansem.

After that, I said, I don't really know what happened. Months passed, and eventually Sora showed up in my room one day and told me that we were leaving. We "borrowed" a ship, named "The Gummi Ship," and set sail for the islands. For some reason, Kairi was with us (I told my parents that I personally believed that she had masterminded the rescue, but I don't think they believed me), and it took us a long time to get back, because of bad winds and worse maps. I said that you and Namine were two crew members (I think that I credited you guys with part of the rescue as well, but I can't remember now...>_>) that I had gotten to know pretty well, and I decided that it was probably a good idea to not include savage pirates or anything. So we had a long journey back home, finally arriving at the island that Sora and I had originally sailed our raft from.

I will also say that I had gotten them both a bit drunk beforehand, and I outlined what I had said so that I could stick to the story later.

...I still don't know how that worked. Either my parents are really dumb, or else they're a hell of a lot smarter than I give them credit for (and better actors, too.)

As for my older brother...he saw right through the story, but when I threatened to castrate him with Road to Dawn if he so much as hinted that I was lying, he shut up.

And you know, you should stop thinking. If you don't, you might find a way to end universal hunger, stop war, or destroy the galaxy. And that... would be bad. I fail to see how the first two might be bad, but they apparently are because I've heard my parents use that on my "wonderfully smart and gift" (insert gagging here) brother when he says "I've been thinking" or a variation.

Namine did that? Huh. Well, we snapped them outta that... and it only took a half-dozen public announcements, several year books, and somewhere around thirty cans of spray paint. You can still see "Sora was here" painted on most alleys and rooftops.
picword: Reality and Fantasy
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05:58pm 07/08/2006 (UTC)
I just went with what he said *points at Riku's post* I really suck at lying. But that grafiti spree was fun!!
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