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Should I be disturbed? Because I sort of AM...  
05:43am 09/11/2006
So I've had some free time recently, and during that free time I was surfing around on this website. I discovered something just a little bit... weird.

I personally don't see the use in doing anything with your profile. But a certain amount of people are apparently 'interested' in me. Namely, Axel, Sora, Riku, Hayner and that annoying fairy. I don't know whether to be flattered or freaked out... I guess it's okay that they're mostly friends, but... it's the fact that I'm listed as an 'interest'. Like I'm a hobby or something. I'm just thankful I wasn't listed in Xemnas' interests. *phew*
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11:56pm 09/11/2006 (UTC)
Hm! But it means you're interesting, doesn't it? ^__^ So what's the problem? I would want to be someone's interest. It means I mean something to them (I think).
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01:34pm 13/11/2006 (UTC)
Riku: Did I do something wrong?
Kairi's right. Just 'cause you list something doesn't make it freaky or anything...Me, I'd go more for the other meaning of "interest," if I thought that, which I don't.

Besides, I HIGHLY doubt that you're a hobby of Hayner's. Axel, sure, Sora, maybe, me, meh, not so much, but Hayner?! XD Yeah right. I think you're safe.
picword: Did I do something wrong?
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02:50am 14/11/2006 (UTC)
Keira: Retard
You make it so easy for me to make wisecracks, I want you to know that.
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05:10am 14/11/2006 (UTC)
Hayner: Hoyeah!
...dude. I didn't mean it to be offensive or anything like that, for serious. It just asked what you liked, and I was like "Oh, okay" and typed stuff that came to mind. So sue me if you're like my brother, dude.
picword: Hoyeah!
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08:03pm 14/11/2006 (UTC)
Sora: depressed
I agree with Hayner!! ;.;
you make me sound like a total sexobsessed psycho like Axel!

that makes me sad.
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09:18pm 14/11/2006 (UTC)
...wow. Does he really seem that sex-obsessed, to you guys?
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01:52am 16/11/2006 (UTC)
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